Frequently Asked Questions

Am I Ready to Be a Homeowner?

Are you renting and dream of owning your own home? Are you tired of paying rent and want to pay your own mortgage instead of your landlord’s? Have you outgrown your current home? Are you dreaming of a larger yard for you children and dogs to play in? Are you looking for an investment portfolio or a rental property? Would you rather live in a different neighborhood or maybe shorten your commute so you can spend more time with family? Are your kids grown and you dream of downsizing to a smaller low-maintenance home in order to travel? Every situation is different but no matter the circumstance we are here to help you with the process.

Is Renting or Buying Better?

By far becoming a home owner is the best option, instead of throwing your money away on Rent, you can invest it into a property that appreciates over time and has other financial advantages

What Do I Look for in Homes?

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a home, location, size, payment, etc, but by far the most important factor is the person who will represent you in the transaction, who will give you the insight into the home buying process so you can avoid many of the headaches that can come along with a purchase.

Do I Need a Home Warranty?

This depends on you, are you ok fixing things around the house? or would you rather have someone else do it for you ? Home warranties offer great protection for large appliances in the home and are definitely something to consider when buying a home.

What Is Pre-approval?

Get pre-approved for a loan before you start viewing homes with the serious intention of buying. After a lender examines your current financial situation and credit history, the lender may provide you with a document detailing the amount you can borrow to buy a home. Getting pre-approved can put you in a much stronger negotiating position because it shows the seller that you are a committed buyer, financially capable of buying the property and more likely to close on it.

Can I Ask You for Advice?

Most definitely, we are here to provide expert and professional advice to all your Real Estate questions, feel free to call or send us an email.

Let's Find Together the Place You Deserve